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The Captive Carrier TransTrax is a positive-drive system designed to carry large items from inside the building to a remove drive-thru pickup area with many features making pneumatic tube systems obsolete.

The pharmacy operator is capable of positioning the TransTrax at different vehicle heights for customer convenience. Additionally, since the carrier is affixed to the machine itself the potential added costs of replacement due to loss or damage are minimized.


  • Industry-leading capacity – for maximum utilization
  • Light footprint – saving valuable real estate costs
  • Doors open and close automatically – without using the motor
  • Delivery to either car or truck height – flexibility on demand
  • TransTrax uses a single drive motor versus multiple drive motors in pneumatic tube systems
  • Motor life rated at up to 20x that of pneumatic tube motor
  • Architecturally advantaged design – custom installation
  • Solid state electronics (no gears, pulleys, etc.)
  • Only 4 moving parts
  • Collision-deterrent Red (standard)



  • Multiple Audio/Video options including B.E.A.M.

  • Privacy handsets

  • Reverse lane delivery

  • Debit/credit card reader


Captive Carrier TransTrax SKU 15-103

SKU: 15-103
  • Minimum order $30 plus shipping. All major credit cards accepted. Price does not include shipping and shipping costs will be added to final invoice amount. Product typically ships within 48 hours.


    Return code required with prior authorization for all returns.

    There is a 25% restocking fee for all authorized returns.

    Return shipping/freight is not refundable.

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