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A low cost drawer for lane-one applications. Designed to be used as a stand alone or with the Basic 32″ Level One Bullet Resistant Window.

Together, they offer a secure and energy efficient cost-effective alternative to sliding glass windows. There are a number of audio options available for use with this drawer, each allowing for private communications.



  • Built-in customer audio components including speaker, microphone and call button

  • 14 ga. steel construction

  • Built-in countertop

  • Clear interior door

  • Drawer lock

  • Exterior door seals

  • Automatically locking customer door for greater security

  • Optional custom colors available

  • Optional drawer heater making drawer warm to touch



  • Heated bin

  • B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio – Ready

  • Several Audio/Video options

  • Custom colors available


MBD-900 Associate Transaction Drawer SKU 15-111

SKU: 15-111
  • Minimum order $30 plus shipping. All major credit cards accepted. Price does not include shipping and shipping costs will be added to final invoice amount. Product typically ships within 48 hours.


    Return code required with prior authorization for all returns.

    There is a 25% restocking fee for all authorized returns.

    Return shipping/freight is not refundable.

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