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Bavis Air Basic Pneumatic Tube System


The Bavis Basic Pneumatic Tube System (BPS) drive-thru solution is superior pneumatic tube solution that is simple to install and requires less maintenance than any other system on the market. 
















  • Exterior powered doors (a key element in product dependability and longevity)

  • Does not use inferior, failure-prone cat5 cable connections (typical in most other tube systems)

  • Condensation FREE

  • No power to the island needed

  • Ultra-smooth and reliable

  • Rain shield and windscreen protects microphone and for greater audio clarity

  • Tech/Service friendly

  • 4 1/2” standard tube

  • Stainless steel exterior enclosure

  • Motors positioned at the base of the exterior vertical allowing for easy access

  • All service work can be performed from the front of the equipment

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Interior manual door with magnetic seals

  • Industry standard carrier

  • Clear tubing

  • Includes exterior customer audio components consisting of microphone, speaker and call button

  • Compatible with most competitive audio systems

  • Operates on single 110V ac circuit

  • A UL listed and classified product



  • System is sealed from condensation

  • B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio – Ready

  • Several Audio/Video options

  • Custom colors available

Bavis Air Advanced Pneumatic Tube System

The Bavis Advanced Pneumatic Tube System (APS) drive-thru solution is the most advanced pneumatic tube solution available. Simple to install and maintain, the system is purposefully engineered alleviating typical tube system problems. 


  • Automatic doors seal closed on both ends when power is off, preventing condensation in tubes – a key component in durability and longevity
  • Microprocessor logs blower run times, number of transactions and system faults
  • Redundant shut off system results in minimized blower run time, less down time and extended motor life
  • Powder coated aluminum vertical-enclosures, available in custom colors, provide an attractive rust free finish
  • Dependable braking action of carriers increases carrier life, eliminating ejection
  • Microprocessor based controls with always active diagnostic LEDs
  • Quiet operation allows two-way communication while system is in use
  • Does not use inferior, failure-prone Cat-5 cables 
  • No power to island needed
  • B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio – Ready
  • Several Audio/Video options available
  • Custom colors are available
Be Heard - Be Understood
  • Reduce environmental noise by as much as 90%, enabling concise communication

  • Diesel Engine, Traffic, Motor noise etc. is nearly eliminated

  • Boosts and enhances human speech

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